How It Works


1. Envision Your Adventure: Fancy a camping trip today? Kook, Dubai's first online camping gear rental platform, caters to all your outdoor adventure needs. It's time to extend your adventure.

2. Choose Your Gear and Set the Dates: Browse through Kook's extensive range of camping equipment and select what suits your plan best. With no minimum order and a rental period of 24 hours, your unique outdoor experience is just a few clicks away! Once you've picked your gear, set the rental dates, complete the payment online, and a refundable deposit will be added for your peace of mind.

3. Easy Pickup: We've made the pickup process as straightforward as possible. All you need is a valid ID for scanning, like your Emirates ID or passport, and your gear will be ready for collection. Experience hassle-free camping with Kook.

4. Quick and Easy Setup: Kook's camping gear is designed to be not only user-friendly but also compact and space-efficient. This means you can easily transport and set up your gear without worrying about taking up too much space in your vehicle or your campsite. Even in limited spaces, our gear can be deployed effectively for maximum comfort and utility. Enjoy your adventure while keeping eco-friendly practices at the forefront, and benefit from the practicality of our equipment.

5. Clean, Pack, and Leave No Trace: When your adventure comes to an end, remember to clean up and pack your gear. Let's preserve the environment for future generations by practicing leave-no-trace camping.

6. Return Your Gear: With your gear returned clean and packed, the refundable deposit will be processed and refunded to your payment method. Your opinion matters to us, and we value your feedback.

For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.