Kook Story

Established in 2020, Kook is a premier camping rental company based in Dubai. The company name is inspired by the Emirati term for 'hide and seek,' symbolizing a blend of culture and adventure, which is core to our brand. The mascot of Kook, an adorably mischievous Arabian fox, adorns our logo, its color palette echoing the natural hues of the fox's fur, and the UAE’s landscape.
Kook is a family-run business, run by brothers who have a great passion for camping. As such, we value each customer like a member of our own family, and not just another number.

At Kook, we fully understand that you don’t always go camping and that it is simply not economically feasible to buy expensive camping equipment only for a few days. We also understand that you may not have space to store bulky camping equipment, which is why we are giving you the option of renting our camping equipment at a very reasonable price!

Whether you need to rent only a few items or everything that is needed for a great camping experience, we have exactly what you need! Simply check availability online, and then book what you require with a few easy clicks.

We also provide a pickup service for your camping gear rentals so you can order what you need, come to our location, and retrieve it yourself.

Examples of what you can rent include canopies, chairs, bonfire pits, sand-free mats, tents, tables, and much more. Once you’ve confirmed your booking, all you need to do is pay, pick up your items and you are ready to go. It really is as easy as this!

With excellent customer service, a love for camping and professionalism being at the heart of all we do here at Kook, our ultimate goal is to make great and affordable camping equipment available to anyone who needs it, and to enhance their leisure time.

Kook Brothers