Top 8 Best Beach Camping Spots in the UAE

Top 8 Best Beach Camping Spots in the UAE

Filled with exotic sceneries and never-ending mountains and beaches, UAE is one of the best places for people who love camping. The calming waves and soft, fresh air on the beaches of UAE have enchanted many travel-lovers, and they keep seeking new places for camping.

The best beach camping spots in UAE with exquisite serenity can leave anyone mesmerized and fulfil the desires of all campers. So, get ready to pack your bags, pitch your tents, and breathe in the fresh air as we dive into the best beach camping spots in UAE.

1. Al Rafaah Beach
Umm Al Quwain is a famous place in UAE, and the Al Rafaah beach there is one of the must-visit places! It is commonly known as the Umm Al Quwain beach. One of the best places for fishing and overnight camping.

Numerous people camp here every year and enjoy leisure activities. If you love fishing, the Al Rafaah beach will offer the best experience. So, don’t forget to take your fishing rod and enjoy a feast while camping.

Many wild birds and flamingoes are found in variety on the Al Rafaah beach. The Dreamland Aqua Park near the beach is a bonus and provides an excellent time for families. You can visit the park in no time and let your children play!

The Al Rafaah beach is the perfect place for nighttime camping. Sleeping under the vast and sparkling sky with the calming sound of waves provide the most satisfying feeling anyone would love to experience!

2. Al Dhafra Beach
In UAE, the Al Dhafra beach provides a mesmerizing feel when you look at the white sand and blue water. The waves are calm, but you can expect high tides. So, it is always a better idea to check the tide chart and weather of the Al Dhafra beach if you plan to camp here. It is one of the best place for swimming and diving.

The path to the Al Dhafra beach is not complicated, but you might need a little off-roading. So, make sure to take a jeep or a 4wd for a better driving experience at the beach.

The Al Dhafra beach faces frequent visits of beautiful wild birds and sea animals. It may be difficult to find the right spot. However, all the effort will be worth the breathtaking view of this beach!

Besides getting a goodnight and relaxing sleep, you can enjoy many activities along with your friends and family. You can go fishing, swimming, and spotting wildlife.

3. Heart Beach, KhorFakkan
Heart Beach is a beautiful place in Sharjah, and many people from UAE and other cities often come to visit this peaceful spot. It is one of the best spots for expert campers and watersports.

Many people call it a secret beach, mainly due to its location. You won’t see this place crowded anytime you go there. So, it is perfect for expert campers who don’t want anyone to interfere in their privacy.

You won’t find any nearby restaurants or resorts nearby.

Yes, you need to carry huge luggage bags and tents with you for camping!

That is why it isn’t much suitable for amateur campers.
The spectacular camping spots of this beach will make you fall in love with the beauty of the sea and wild birds chirping around. You can pitch your tents wherever you want, without any issue.

However, make sure to keep the beach clean and pitch your tents away from the water.
Besides the peaceful location, Heart Beach offers an exotic view of the nearby areas. So, it is the perfect location for those wanting to go beach camping with their families and friends.

The Heart beach is also an exquisite place for watersports. You can take your own kayak as well and enjoy the best time of your vacation.
Besides the water activities, you can play several other sports, and when tired after a whole fun day, please yourself with a campfire and tasty barbecue.

What an enchanting place it is with so many leisure activities!

4. Fujairah Beach
If you are camping for the first time or don’t have enough camping equipment, the Fujairah beach is the perfect place for you!

It is one of the best spots for amateur campers, over-night camping and swimming.
Being one of the most famous beaches of UAE, the Fujairah is overly crowded on weekends. However, we see fewer people there on weekdays.

Fujairah beach is a calm and relaxing place for camping. It takes you away from your busy life and lets you relax your mind in ultimate serenity and peace.
Once you set up your tents in the Fujairah beach and sit under the sky, the placidity of the waves and freshness in the air will take you into a peaceful world.

The Fujairah beach has a low temperature, especially at night. So, don’t forget to bring your blankets and jackets. However, the waters always welcome you to swim during the day. The water of the Fujairah beach is less salty, and you can do other water activities during the day.

The most impressive part of the Fujairah beach is the beautiful mountains surrounding it, giving you a cozy feel while being indulged in nature.
Another fantastic thing about this beach is the scenic view. So, you can cook a yummy meal and enjoy a barbecue with a campfire at night under the sky and besides the beautiful mountains.

5. Al Mirfa Beach
Located in UAE, Al Mirfa beach is a highly exotic place for watersports, diving and boating. With scenic views and wild birds. I was previously known as Al Gharbia.
With the crystal clear water and blue waves hitting the shore, along with the beautiful and smooth sand, Al Mirfa beach will definitely make your best beach camping experience.

The area is safe and peaceful, and the temperature remains moderate throughout the year. So, you can camp here regardless of the weather. This place is home to the 10-day Al-Dhafra Watersports Festival, which takes place every year in April.
It is the only developed beach in the area, and usually remains crowded. So, if you plan a camping trip on the Al Mirfa beach, never make the mistake of planning it on the weekend. Otherwise, you might have to return disappointed.

In this way, it is ideal for people who want to keep their privacy and don’t want to camp with other groups. Thus, you can stay under the sky while lying down on the vast beach, enjoying the sound of the waves as they hit the shore.
Al Mirfa Beach is the perfect camping spot for people who love to swim. You can take your paddleboards and enjoy the ride in the water near the coastline. The waters are often calm, making it an excellent place to swim and enjoy your day.

At night, you can peacefully sleep with your cozy blanket and eat dinner with your fellows.

6. Al Aqah Beach
The Al Aqah beach is located in Fujairah and is just three hours away from Dubai. The route is simple and clean, so you don’t need any 4x4 for driving here. If you are a new camper and looking for night camping and swimming, it is the place!
The simple route is what makes the Al Aqah beach an excellent spot for families and new campers.

The real charm of beach camping is enjoying your peaceful time while getting familiar with nature. The calming sound of waves and coldness at night, waking up to the bright sun shining in the sky and little birds chirping and cooking your food while playing games, give so much peace to the mind and soul. Luckily, the Al Aqah beach has everything for you!

However, the main point of camping is to do fun activities with your group, right? So, why not set up a campfire and cook yummy meat under the cold sky and nearby waves hitting the shore?

The best part of the Al Aqah beach is pitching your tents near the waters. The place has a moderate temperature, and the tides are usually calm. However, it is always a better idea to check the tide chart of the Al Aqah beach before you pitch your tents there.
The Al Aqah beach also offers several watersports. So, if you love swimming, don’t forget to take your goggles and swimsuits!

7. Al Sufouh Beach
Al Sufouh Beach is located in Dubai. It is super-easy to reach if you are a resident n Dubai. This place does not contain any resorts or marquees nearby, so you have to bring your camping essentials, like tents and food, etc.

As the beach is surrounded by a row of palm trees, some people often get lost finding this beach. That is why it is often called ‘’The Secret Beach’’ or ‘’Black Palace Beach’’.
The place offers tranquility and a beautiful view, where you can enjoy an overnight stay with your group. The Al Sufouh beach is the perfect place for families or groups who avoid going to crowded places. You will hardly see any people on the beach on weekdays.

Although located close to the Royal Palace, the Al Sufouh beach is an extremely quiet and relaxing place. If you want an escape from the busy and crowded life of Dubai, this beach is the best choice.
As the beach has no facilities, make sure to take all your essentials. The route is easy, and you can get to the beach by bus. The calming waters hitting the shores and the gentle rays of sunlight will convince you to pitch your tents quickly!

The Al Sufouh beach also offers many water activities. You can even enjoy kayaking and swim in crystal clear waters.
The nighttime activities are also fun. You can play cards under the cold sky with your fellows and enjoy the warmth of the campfire while staying inside your blanket.
Best for: Swimming, water activities, expert campers, an escape from the city life.
Directions: The Al Sufouh beach is located between the Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. Reach King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street and move towards the Marina. Then, you’ll have to follow a rocky path and reach the Al Sufouh beach.

8. Shuweihat Island
Shuweihat Island is the best beach spot in UAE for expert campers and those who want to enjoy the real thrills of camping. It is one of the best spots for expert campers and boating.

If you are going camping for the first time, this isn’t the ideal place for you. The drive to Shuweihat Island is really tough, and you cannot reach there without a 4x4.
Getting here is challenging because of the low tide waters and rocky cliffs, but you will be fascinated by the ultimate beauty and peace of this place once you reach there. Make sure to take all the camping essentials because you won’t find any nearby resorts here.

You might also need a jacket and blanket, because it is usually cold at night.
The low-lying cliffs of Shuweihat Island provide an excellent night adventure, and the blue waves of water are ideal for swimming during the day. The best idea is to bring your own kayak to cruise into the clear sea and enjoy the fresh breeze while swiftly moving your fingers in the

Final words
The best camping spots in the UAE have to offer so much leisure and fun activities that you won’t ever leave this place and go to city life. Due to the scenic views and never-ending waters, we love these beaches. That is why we recommend it to everyone who wants to spend their quality time at a peaceful and lovely place.

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