Ultimate Guide to Camping in the UAE: Dos, Don'ts, and Environmental Tips

Ultimate Guide to Camping in the UAE: Dos, Don'ts, and Environmental Tips
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is home to some of the best tourist attractions worldwide. Camping is a popular activity in the UAE, and it offers an excellent experience for anyone willing to partake in it. However, it is essential to observe camping protocols to avoid infringing on the country's codes of ethics. Most camping sites in the UAE are located along the coast, providing a fantastic view of the skyline during the day and night. This guide provides dos and don'ts to follow while camping in the UAE, including ethical aspects on what to do and avoid, and how to keep the environment clean.


1. Carry enough garbage bags to collect trash and carry clothing. Some municipalities in the UAE penalize people for dumping garbage on the desert or setting up fires in public places.
2. Bring warm clothing since desert conditions can sometimes be very cold, especially at night. This will help you avoid breaking the camping experience.
3. Be cautious about where to put your barbecue to avoid accidents or fire outbreaks. After cooking, let it cool first before burying it or placing it somewhere.
4. Carry a considerable amount of firewood to provide light and warmth for cooking and socializing.


1. Do not hunt for animals or wildlife during the camping period as it is a criminal offense that attracts significant fines.
2. Do not take glass or glass materials to the campsite since they are harmful to the environment. Use reusable or recyclable containers instead.
3. Do not set up camp in the dark since it's challenging to assess the area's conditions and may lead to accidents.

Advice on Keeping the Environment Clean:

1. Set up trash and recycling bags at the campsite to recycle and reuse waste.
2. Set up dishwashing stations to maintain cleanliness and avoid leaving dishes uncleaned.

In conclusion, to have an enjoyable camping experience in the UAE, one needs to be prepared to follow the government's ethics and understand the protocols for the camping sites. It is important to observe the dos and don'ts to avoid breaking the codes of ethics, and to keep the environment clean to avoid polluting it.

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